I provide all of the services below if necessary.

  • Search for the will
  • Determine if surety bond is required
  • Find witnesses to will and get affidavits
  • Arrange for burial
  • Assist named estate trustee or executor
  • Compile an inventory and a list of assets and liabilities
  • Cancel subscriptions and services
  • Delete internet profiles
  • Arrange for probate and paperwork to be completed by legal professional
  • Search for next of kin and legitimate heirs
  • Satisfy bequests and legacies
  • Secure residence, assets and any other property
  • Advertise for creditors
  • Inform government  agencies and financial institutions
  • Collect debts owed and pay debts owed
  • Arrange for distribution and/or sale of assets.  Home and contents, cottage and contents, business, investments, bank accounts, etc.
  • Deal with insurance contracts
  • Apply for death benefits
  • Gather and review previous tax details and file appropriate tax returns
  • Deal with estate legal matters with legal professionals
  • Assure heirs and beneficiaries of proper accounting, distribution and timelines
  • Get CRA clearance certificate
  • Get releases from beneficiaries

There are other services that may not be in this list.

One comment on “Services
  1. Randy McCord says:

    Looking forward to some interesting insights on estate and probate process.

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