About Professional – Estate Trustee (Assist)

Professional – Executor or Estate Trustee (Assist)


This business operates differently than the traditional Estate Settlement options that are out there through law firms.

This process is service and advice oriented, similar to a financial planning practice. Meet with potential clients to discuss the needs and issues related to the estate.  Then design and explain the process that should be undertaken, the timeline involved and approximate costs to the stakeholders of the estate, i.e. the beneficiaries.

The estate pays only for services rendered, which is different to the current

  • 3 % of the total value of capital receipts of the Estate
  • 3 % of the total capital disbursements of the Estate
  • 3 % of the total revenue receipts of the Estate
  • 3 % of the total of revenue disbursements of the Estate
  • Annual fee of 2/5 of 1% of the average annual market value of the capital of the Estate

Why would a $1,000,000 estate cost more to settle than a $500,000 estate if it involves exactly the same process and time?


  • Estate Administration
  • Liquidation
  • Estate Management

Estate administration and liquidation can be a complex process involving a lot of research, transactions and paperwork.

If an estate is relatively straightforward, it will usually take between one and two years to be fully administered and distributed.

Other Professional Services may be required such as real estate maintenance, legal, investigative or genealogical research, etc.

Email for a no obligation appointment to discuss your estate needs.

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